What to say on a Fax Cover Sheet

This article will be helpful if you want to know what to say on a fax cover sheet.

The format of a fax cover sheet varies depending on the department. But here are a few details that need to be added to a fax cover sheet:

  • Recipient's Name, Company, Fax Number
  • Sender's Name, Company, Fax Number
  • Total number of pages (including the cover sheet)
  • Any other comments or confidentiality notice

Let's now talk in detail about what you should say on a fax cover sheet:

  • Contact Details

It's essential to check the correctness of the contact details. Because sending a fax to the wrong address can cause trouble. And that's when a return address or sender's fax number can help. And if you are sending a fax on behalf of your company or organization, then you should also add your company logo if it's applicable.

  • Pages

The number of pages assures the recipient that they have received all the documents. This is why it's essential to add the total number of pages counting the cover sheet as well.

  • Urgency

If the fax is urgent then the cover sheet must contain the heading 'URGENT' in bold letters to differentiate it from the rest of the documents. Because in a department or agency, the fax machine may receive many faxes daily.

  • Confidentiality Notice

Most official fax cover sheets contain a confidentiality notice. And that if the documents are used for the wrong purpose they will face legal action.

Although in most industries, the use of fax is nearly obsolete, the fax is still in use. For example in the healthcare industry, it's used to send and receive a patient's information.

Fax is a secure and easy mode of sharing sensitive information. That's why it's still in use today. Someone can hack your email. And there is a possibility that the documents kept in the cloud are also. But fax is comparatively more secure.

These days you can easily choose an online faxing service if you do not have a fax machine. And most of these online services allow you to send a limited amount of free faxes every month. So if your business is small you can utilize their services. You can either use it via their app or their website.

So, even if we don't have to use fax anymore, there are still fax machines operating every day. Because they offer a secure transfer of sensitive and confidential documents.

In conclusion, a fax cover sheet is not just a decorative page. It contains crucial information. And thus it should have clear and concise details about the sender and receiver.