How to Make a Fax Cover Sheet

If you want to know how to make a fax cover sheet then this article will be helpful.

The format of a cover sheet may vary. But here are a few important points that should be added

  • Recipient's Name, Company, Fax Number
  • Sender's Name, Company, Fax Number
  • Total number of pages (including the cover sheet)
  • Any other comments or confidentiality notice

It's essential to check all the details on the cover sheet before sending it. Let's now look in detail at how you can make a professional fax cover sheet.

  • Contact Details

Adding the contact details of the sender and the receiver is crucial for any fax cover sheet. You should include the name, contact number, address, and fax number of both the sender and the receiver. And if you are sending it on behalf of a company, then it should also contain the name and logo of your company.

  • Pages

It is important to add the total number of pages, counting in the cover sheet as well. It'd be assuring for both the sender and the receiver. Because it helps them in confirming that they have received the correct number of pages.

  • Urgency

If the document that you are sending is urgent then it should stand out from the rest of the faxes. For that, you can use a heading saying 'URGENT' on the top of the cover sheet. Usually, in most urgent fax cover sheet templates, you will find it written in bold and red letters.

  • Confidentiality Notice

If the fax contains any legal or sensitive patient information, then the cover sheet should also contain a confidentiality notice. It notifies the receiver that the information contained is for the addressed individual only. And any disclosure or damages can lead to legal action.

It should also describe what needs to be done in case the documents are sent accidentally to a different department. And that these cases, what kind of action the receiver should take.

Furthermore, you can also add any comments for the recipient.

A fax cover sheet is not just a decorative piece of paper. It contains important pieces of information needed for the correct transfer of the documents.

Most people believe that fax is no longer in use. But most healthcare professionals use it every day. It's still a secure method of sending and receiving confidential information. Because emails can easily be hacked or the documents kept in the cloud can be hacked.

These days you don't even need to have a fax machine. There are many online fax services available. Additionally, these services offer a limited amount of free fax on a daily or monthly basis.

And, some government departments offer an official fax cover sheet that you can use.