Free Printable Sample Fax Cover Sheet Template [PDF & Word

Before we provide you sample fax cover sheet it is very important to understand what is fax cover sheet? What should the fax cover sheet include? How to write a fax cover sheet? Or How to write a fax cover letter?

What Is Fax Cover Sheet?

In simple words, a Fax cover sheet is a sheet that is faxed to the recipients. A fax cover sheet is used to send sensitive information or documents. The fax cover sheet includes the name of the sender or fax number of the sender and sometimes the optional note as well.

What Is Included In Fax Cover Sheet?

A fax cover sheet is a sheet that includes following things:

  • The full name/company details of the sender
  • Sender's fax number or phone number
  • The full name of the recipient
  • Recipient’s fax and phone number
  • Date and Time
  • Number Of Pages (optional)
  • Also, In case you are faxing a document that contains some confidential information that you don’t want to disclose to anyone else rather than the recipient then a fax cover sheet is the best way to state it.

    So, these were some things above which you should include in your fax cover sheet. To make your work a little easy we are providing you with some free sample fax cover sheets on this website. Fax Cover Sheet Hub tries to solve the problems of every user by providing fax cover sheet samples for free.

    How To Write Fax Cover Sheet?

    If you want to send a detailed informative message to accompany your fax then you should attach a fax cover letter at the beginning of your fax.

    While writing a fax cover letter make sure that you don’t write it too long. Try to write to the point. Your fax cover letter provides additional information about your fax to recipients. A fax cover letter tells the recipients what they will find in the following documents and make sure you also write your contact information in the fax cover letter.

    For example; when you are applying for a job through a fax machine. In the fax cover letter write about your achievements and why you want to apply for the job but make sure that you don’t repeat your resume things in the fax cover letter.

    While sending fax cover sheet along with fax cover letter. Following the below order:

  • Fax Cover Sheet
  • Fax Cover Letter
  • Document Being Faxed ( Eg. Resume)
  • Is Fax Cover Sheet Useful?

    Many businesses claim that due to the fax cover sheet their communication with other businesses became very easy due to fax cover sheet. Many companies also said that due to fax cover sheets it became very easy to identify as well.

    A fax cover sheet is a very convenient, easy, and moreover professional way to send documents/ information to others.

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