A VA Fax Cover Sheet is an important piece of document. It serves as a protective cover for the sent documents.

If you are applying for benefits or compensation from the Veteran Affairs (VA) Offices, then you can either use an emailing service or fax. You will find the forms related to your request on their official website.

There are various types of benefits you can apply for

  • Employment benefits
  • Disability compensation benefits
  • Pension benefits for Veterans and survivors
  • Compensation benefits for spouses, dependents, and parents
  • Home Loan benefits for Veterans and survivors
  • VA education and training benefits
  • Life Insurance benefits for Veterans and survivors

Once you fax the documents it can take up to 24 or 36 hours to show in your account. Also, make sure to check if your fax receipt shows all of the pages sent. It’s also important to check if the service you are applying for requires a specific mode of communication. But you can easily use eFax and send all the required documents and forms. You can also find a nearby fax machine or use electronic fax services. Some of these electronic services are free and they can let you send a minimum amount of fax daily or monthly.

Fax cover sheets are used to protect the confidentiality of the documents being sent. It’s also useful because the receiver can easily recognize who the document is for. For that, the information of both the sender and receiver must be correct. Because if there is a fault in the documents or it’s wrongfully sent to a different department, it can be easily returned.

You should include the official cover sheet pre-made by the VA Department. It includes the following important checkpoints

  • Claimant’s Name, Contact details
  • Fax Date
  • Number of Pages included (with the cover sheet)
  • Emergent Claim Categories
  • List Forms Included
  • Other documents
  • Fax Verification Phone Number
  • Disclaimer

The disclaimer notifies the receiver that they are not permitted to disclose or distribute the documents. And that the documents contained in the facsimile are only for the addressed person. It’s important to add the number of pages because it’s assuring the receiver that they have actually got all the sent documents.

If you are including other documents you can write that as well. And finally, you can use the official phone number to verify if they received the fax.

Thus the cover sheet contains all the important checkpoints. Each of these describes a crucial detail of the sender as well as the receiver.